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Dice Slab Mold

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These are made to order please allow 1-2 weeks for mold to ship

Sharp-edged dice slab style mold. There will be some flashing after your dice are cured on the lid portion that is easy to remove. The lid faces  will need some final sanding and polishing to finish your dice sets. (Zona papers recommended for polishing and finishing touches)

*Pressure pot is suggested to be used for the best results (there are tricks to get by with out one like low casting resin that's thinner such as liquid diamonds)

*Max PSI in pressure pot 40

*Font used is commercially free so dice made with these molds can be sold

(1) D20 Standard
(1) D12 Standard
(1) D10Standard
(1) 100/% Standard
(1) D8 Standard
(1) D6 Standard
(1) D4 Alternate Shape Shard